Picual Moroccan Baba Ganoush


The roasted Eggplant with the Picual Olive oil and the touch of the tart sweet from the pomegranate seeds it is just divine!


2 large Eggplants

1/2 cup of Tahini

Juice of 2 Lemons

2 mashed garlic cloves

1 teaspoon of Cumin

1 teaspoon of salt

1/4 cup of Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1/4 cup of Pomegranate seeds

Lemons wedges

few leaves of chopped parsley


Place the eggplants directly on the burner to char the skin, if you don’t have a gas stove you can make this on an outdoor grill or place the eggplants on a sheet pan and turn on your broiler. Place your oven rack close to the heat source.

Char them for 3-4 min per side until charred

Place them in the oven at 400F for 25 min until cooked