About us…

Driana Foods creates food products with art and usability in mind.  Inspired by the bold flavors of Spain and great memories around the table,  we produce our cooking pastes in small batches with high degree of care and craft. 


Owner and product creator Chef Adriana grew up surrounded by amazing cooks in her family that showed their love through food. Her passion for cooking and sharing has been an inspiration to create a sauce or paste to be your secret weapon to add flavor to cook more, share more and have meaningful memories around the table.  Adriana’s family is from Spain who have crafted the famous Serrano and Iberico Hams for over 60 years they taught her the art of cooking and eating well and learning to find the best quality ingredients .

                             "Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to those you love". Ina Garten

We are a San Diego, CA based company where we produce our products with care respecting and honoring our ingredients. Our fresh ingredients are sourced from local farms and also from small artisan suppliers throughout Spain and Morocco which makes the products very authentic.

Let our cooking pastes be your tools to create your own culinary art.

“Those who cook will always have great health, good friends and the fondest memories” Chef Adriana