Chef Adriana


Chef Adriana grew up in a family of foodies from Spain who have crafted Serrano and Iberico Ham for the last 50 years.  “Cooking, eating and sharing together is our life”.   She graduated from Culinary School and went on to teach cooking classes specializing in cuisines from Spain, Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine.  She has been on several culinary competitions and has appeared in the Food Network.  She has a catering company and is a product creator of Driana Foods Mojos cooking pastes.  Cooking and teaching are her passions and she hopes to share the importance of preserving the tradition of cooking as a family.  Cooking is the way to true health, brings friends and families together and creates the fondest memories”

 Adriana currently lives in San Diego, California and is a mom to 3 boys which are her biggest inspiration and toughest and loving food critics.