Bring Mojo Magic to your fresh-made Vinaigrette


On this MOJOS 101 Series we want to show you how to get the best use of your mojos starting with Vinaigrette making, think of them as your secret weapon or flavor bomb that adds that “Jeno se qua” to everything you make!

A Vinaigrette can make a simple salad unforgettable, the secret is in balancing the acidity and the creamy mouth feel of the oil with the aromatics and the slightly sweet flavor that should hit you at the back of your palate.

The oil and vinegar emulsion is the base of your vinaigrette which should be in the right ratios 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar, make sure this is measured right and the you add your flavorings. In this case we are going to add the mojos to add that magic to your fresh-made vinaigrette.

A word on the Olive oil, make sure it is extra virgin and of good quality one that discloses its harvest or “campana” date and expiration date because extra virgin Olive oils are alive and they do expire and start to get rancid. Check out ours award winning Cornicabra Olive Oil from Toledo, Spain at our shop.

Check Out these delicious “aderezos” or vinaigrette recipes and bring your summer salads memorable!