Entertaining Tips for Your Fiestas!


One thing we spanish people like to do is party, and for us the food is always at the center stage. We also like to keep it simple so we can have fun too, and also please be late! If you come early you will probably find the host still blow drying her hair.

* When it comes to food we love little bites like tapas, because we like to talk, and dance until we drop. The rule of thumb for food is to have two no- cook tapas like olives and Charcuterie board, 2 make ahead like a dip or a soup shooters and 1 tapa “caliente” like a something you can make ahead, freeze and deep fry that day.

I should say…. Plan and create a menu that can be prepared ahead of time. A Tapas Bar style will be an easy, delicious and unique way for your guests to enjoy your food in a casual way.  Honestly planning ahead is not in our DNA what is in our culture and DNA is to improvise and somehow we whip up great parties. I know life is busy and we are all overwhelmed with so many things, I mean returning texts is a full time job these days. So I invite you to improvise if you don’t have the time to plan the “perfect” party… that party really does not exist. Sometimes when you are forced to improvise somehow you become more creative, more in tune with your emotions, and more connected with what matters.

Any great hostess must introduce everyone at the party, it helps when you give the people that you are introducing something that can help them continue a conversation among them, such as: “Hey Gaby, this is Joanna, she has been to Greece many times and may have some tips for the trip that you are planning”.

* Add a special touch to your party with a welcome holiday cocktail. It is great to set a station with the signature drink you can find a variety of recipes online that are very easy to make. We have one for you in our tapas recipes, from Spain of course!

* Set the ambiance: There is no need to go overboard with decorations or flowers, but if you dim your lights and add A LOT of candles your party will have that dreamy feeling of the holidays that will warm up your guests instantly. Also, do all your furniture moving and table set up the night before to avoid last minute work.

*Music is another very important ingredient for any gathering, don’t be shy and mix the different genres, you could add some boss nova, some disco or flamenco music. The key is to start your playlist with a softer kind of music, then increase the tempo and towards the end of your party play something soft again.

* Last but not least: Take a time before the party to take a bath, get ready and relax before your guests arrive, after all, as the Host your energy will affect your party and your guests…so relax and enjoy!

From our family to yours we wish you a holiday season full on unforgettable memories, moments of more presence and joy with each other. Press the “pause button” cook together more and plan to not make a plan, flow and improvise and just be together.